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Club- Gas Furnace

Complies With Energy Star Recommendations
Complies with ACCA National Standards for Maintenance
Replace Standard Air Filter $9 - $24 $9 - $24    
Inspect Air Filter Housing & Air Seal        
Inspect Grilles, Registers & Diffusers for Dirt        
Inspect Accessible Ductwork for Moisture Accumulation or Biological Growth        
Inspect Integrity of Accessible Ductwork        
Ductwork Sealed?        
Test Safety Control Operatios, Control Sequences & Test Ranges        
Test Zoning Controls Modes of Operation & Bypass Dampers        
Test Thermostat Operation        
Check & Adjust Thermostat Readings $50 $50    
Test & Inspect Drain Pan Safety Switches        
Test & Inspect Unit Safety Switch        
Inspect Cabinet, Cabinet Fasteners & Panels        
Inspected for Required Clearance Around Cabinet        
Inspect Electrical Disconnect Box        
Check Equipment Grounding        
Measure & Record Line Voltage        
Inspect & Test Contactors & Relays        
Inspect Electrical Connections & Wire        
Clean & Tighten Electrical Connections As Needed $34 $34    
Inspect All Stand Alone Capacitors        
Test Capacitor #1        
Test Capacitor #2        
Test Capacitor #3        
Measure & Record AMP Draw to Blower Motor / Nameplate Data (FLA) as Available        
Blower Motor AMPs        
Blower Motor Volts        
Inspect Fan Belt Tension        
Inspect Belt & Pulleys for Wear & Tear        
Inspect Fan Blade & Blower Wheel Connection to Blower Motor Shaft        
Lubricate moving Parts as Needed        
Determine & Record Airflow Across Heat Exchanger        
Test VFD for Proper Operation        
Test Inducer Fan Motor & Blower Assembly        
Clean Blower Motor & Assembly As Needed $209-$257 $209-$257 $209-$257  
Inspect & Clean Condensate Drain & Traps        
Test Condensate Pump        
Inspect Burner & Flue For Water, Corrosion        
Test Main Burner Ignition        
Test Burners        
Clean Burners as Needed $175 $175 $175  
Inspect Heat Exchanger For Signs of Corrosion, Structural Problems and Erratic Flame        
Inspect & Record OHM Reading On Hot Surface Igniter        
Measure & Record Inlet Gas Pressure        
Adjust Manifold Pressure as Necessary $54 $54    
Test & Inspect Inducer Fan Motor & Blower Assembly        
Test Combustion Air Volume        
Combustion Analysis Test $191 $191 $191  
Measure & Record TD Across Heat Exchanger        
Inspect Vent Exhaust        
Inspect Vent Connectors        
Inspect Inlet & Exhaust Vent Pipe        
Inspect For Combustible Materials Near Venting or Pipe        
Inspect Visible Fuel Connections        
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