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Complies With Energy Star Recommendations
Complies With ACCA National Standards For Maintenance
Air Filter Clean        
Replace Standard Air Filter $9-$24 $9-$24    
Inspect Air Filter Housing & Air Seal        
Inspect Grilles, Registers & Diffusers for Dirt        
Inspect Accessible Ductwork For Moisture Accumulation or Biological Growth        
Inspect Integrity of Accessible Ductwork        
Ductwork Sealed?        
Test Safety Control Operations, Control Sequences & Test Ranges        
Test Zoning Controls Modes of Opertaion & Bypass Dampers        
Test Thermostat Operation        
Check & Adjust Thermostat Readings $50 $50    
Test & Inspect Drain Pan Safety Switches        
Test & Inspect Uit Safety Switch        
Inspect Cabinet, Cabinet Fasteners & Panels        
Inspected for Required Clearance Around Cabinet        
Inspect Electrical Disconnect Box        
Check Equipment Grounding        
Measure & Record Line Voltage        
Inspect & Test Contactors & Relays        
Inspect Electrical Connections & Wire        
Clean & Tighten Electrical Connections As Needed $54 $34    
Inspect All Stand Alone Capacitors        
Test Capacitor #1        
Test Capacitor #2        
Test Capacitor #3        
Measure & Record AMP Draw to Blower Moter / Nameplate Data (FLA) as Available        
Blower Motor AMPs        
Blower Motor Volts        
Inspect FanBelt Tension        
Inspect Belt & Pulleys for Wear & Tear        
Inspect Fan Blade & Blower Wheel Connection to Blower Motor Shaft        
Lubricate Moving Parts as Needed $19+      
Measure & Record Amp Draw On Condenser Fan Motor        
Condenser Fan Motor Amps        
Condenser Fan Motor Volts        
Inspect and Clean Condensate Drain & Traps        
Inspect Drain Pan & Accessible Drain Line for Biological Growth        
Clean Drain Pan $72-$144 $72-$144    
Test Condensate Pump        
Provide Condensate Treatment $20 $20 $20  
Inspect Condensate Blowing From Coil Into Cabinet        
Measure & Record TD Across Evaporator Coil        
Record Indoor Coil Entering Temperature        
Record Indoor Leaving Temperature        
Inspect Coil Fins        
Inspect Accessible Refrigerant Lines for Oil Leaks        
Inspect Refrigerant Line Insulation        
Measure Pressure Drop Across Coil        
Measure & Record System Refrigeration Charge in Cooling when Td is out of Specifications        
Inspect Indoor Coil for Dirt Building If Accessible        
Inspect Outdoor Coil for Dirt Buildup        
Record Outdoor Coil Entering Temperature        
Record Outdoor Coil Leaving Temperature        
Rinse Outdoor Coil $35      
Rinse Outdoor Coil with Approved Detergent $191-$302 $191-$302 $191-$302  
Record Compressor AMPS        
Record Compressor Volts        
Record Suction PSIG        
Record Discharge PSIG        
Record Superheat        
Heat Pump: Test Reversing Valve        
Heat Pump: Measure & Record System        
Heat Pump: Test Defrost Cycle        
Heat Pump: Inspect Outdoor Unit Condensate Drain Ports        
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