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Are you looking for a great new career? The heating and cooling industry is in high demand right now. We are currently looking for motivated individuals to join our apprentice program. It is the perfect way to learn the industry and to begin a new career that will last you a lifetime and be very rewarding.

The job that HVAC technicians and installers perform is a vocation, or a trade. The traditional way to learn a trade is during an apprenticeship in which the new worker works alongside and under the direction of a mentor. The mentor is a master journeyman and is an expert at the trade who shares the tricks of the trade with the newcomer. The apprenticeship is an on-the-job training program that bypasses the college or vocational school.

After the apprenticeship is over, the apprentice is able to take the certification exams and become a licensed journeyman in the HVAC field. This type training is best for people who learn by doing and from watching others. The ideal apprentice also wants to earn a paycheck for performing high-quality work while they learn rather than just paying tuition and attending school.

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